Tredje Rummet - Third place - 18/11-17-18/2-18

Alex Rodallec and Nabil Dorbane meet in the collaboration Double Culture (2017) featuring poetry and illustrations, text and sounds where a variety of languages and voices portray the experience of what is popularly called the “suburb” in both Sweden and France. ”What is the feeling of the suburb? A phenomenon easily recognized regardless of whether it is in France or Sweden. Areas that are largely populated by a working and lower class with a migration background. What are the pictures stuck with many of us who grew up in these places? What are the sounds and languages? The sorrow and joy? What is it that we carry within of being in between places, on borders? What are the feelings that colour our memories?” Alex Rodallec is a poet, translator and editor at Kultwatch and the cultural magazine DIN. Nabil Dorbane is an artist, graphic designer and graffiti writer.

THIRD PLACE - Accessing Utopia, out of the body, Double Culture - 18 November 2017 / 18 february 2018 in Botkyrka konsthall, Tumba.

The exhibition Third Space spans across place, politics and poetry bringing together works that relate to a social progress in that is currently transforming. It takes its point of departure from our globalised and segregated societies – where young voices tell of their experiences of being “in-between”, where cultures and languages meet and where new ones are formed. This is the context in which a conflicting and shifting condition of being both on the ‘inside’ as well as on the ‘outside’ exists. We treat the Third Space as a space of negotiating the imaginary – creating a continuous flow towards what has not yet become.

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