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Post-graffiti, an urban contemporary art show

From the 1st until the 16th of March, you will be able to experience the work of the street artists HON, OLLIO, ARBEITSTITEL, TIM TIMMEY, JHNYO, BIMS, BREZ, ART SAUNA, RIKARD who all began their careers by influencing the graffiti scene with their original and groundbreaking work.

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The exhibition

The audience will be invited to discover works of art by 10 established artists from Sweden, France and Germany, and reimagine the art scene in the city of Stockholm. Each artist will exhibit around 5 larger size paintings, and some will even decorate the exhibition room. The work will be presented throughout the event and be open for sale. Our goal with the exhibition is for the audience to discover something new and feel inspired. As the event will be the first of its kind in Sweden, it will highlight Monteringshallen and Nacka as a city with a strong cultural life.


The workshops

During the event, a series of workshops and sketch meetings will be organized on the theme of street art, graphic design and free creative expression. Workshops/sketch meetings will be open to everyone, but have a special focus on children and youth. Workshops will be organized by various organizations and companies from Stockholm, such as Studiefrämjandet & Woodhill Studios. The goal is to showcase creative diversity and to attract a wide audience.

Artist Talk

During the exhibition there will be an «artist talk», organized and curated by art historian Jacob Kimvall, from Stockholm University. Kimvall will begin with a presentation of the contemporary art emerging from graffiti, and will then lead the artist lectures where they pres- ent their work and their view on street art. The goal of the artist talks is to create increased awareness of graffiti and street art and how they have influenced contemporary art.

Montaringshallen Sickla, Smedjegatan 10 131 54 Nacka.

Weekdays : 10:00-18:00 Saturdays : 11:00-17:00