French graffiti meets Swedish gallery - Edition 1

From the 26th of march until the 3rd of April 2015, four of the most influential artists from the French graffiti scene will intervene at Konstart gallery in artistic and informative ways. 

Sweden shows a growing interest for street art. Fashion, design or art trends have been deeply influenced by street artists from all over the world since the 90s’. The creative agency Grymt is organizing the new exhibition French Graffiti meets Swedish Gallery to promote a renewed vision of the graffiti scene in Stockholm. This exhibition will present the work of four prominent French street artists coming from two of the most active graffiti area in France. Réso and Mondé from Toulouse, Scred and Ndek from Paris, each have dramatically influenced the French graffiti scene by their original and innovative productions. French Graffiti meets Swedish Gallery will take place at Konstart in Stockholm on the 26th of March 2015. Konstart is an art gallery dedicated to contemporary urban art, promoting artists such as Snake1 and Bates. The exhibition will include a series of lectures on the French graffiti art scene, together with live paintings and art video projections, and finally the presentation of large outdoor paintings on the snösätra wall in rågsved (Stockholm län). Visitors will get a unique opportunity to explore the creative process and the philosophy behind street graffiti. They will also discover the different methods used to realize graffiti on mediums that can be as diverse as brick walls, canvas, glass, or films.