My interest in drawing has always been a big part of my life. I started with graffiti in the early 90s. I got interested in drawing characters rather than letters, as I enjoy creating my own universes around letters. My background has had a big impact on the kind of artist I am today. Being born in the southeastern suburbs of Paris and with North African origins, has given me a strong interest in multiculturalism and differences between people. I always try to challenge myself by sharing experiences, listening and learning from others. Sharing has become my main motivation in the work I do.

Today I'm a graphic designer, illustrator and graffiti artist located in Stockholm.

Grymt Creative Agency is the artistic platform I have created to share my passion of graffiti and to make it more accessible for a Swedish audience. The aim with Grymt is to develop all types of projects related to urban creation. Today Grymt provide a wide range of services to its clients and partners. Earlier projects include educational courses for adults and kids, wall-paintings for individuals and companies, graphic design and collaborations with product designers. The Agency has also produced original exhibitions showcasing Swedish and International artists. 

The unique allure of street art lies in the power of the moment of creation and the fleeting existence of each piece. To be able to share the complete experience of the graffiti medium, Grymt also offers live painting for events and has created unique shows in unexpected spaces.